Tanks for Nothings: Tanks

The tanks featured in the game I worked on, “Tanks for Nothing”. Each tank part was designed to fit with the other parts. The Alpha channel in each texture was used to mask out which areas of the tank would change color. I modeled and designed all the parts except for “Chain Lighting” and “Flamethrower”. I only did minor changes to those, they were modeled by team member Jess Cooper. The “Abductor” base has two animated properties; the beam pans across and the lights flash different colors.

Check out the game here, and original concept work here.

Laser Turret with Bubble Bath and Off Road


(click to view in 3D)

Laser Turret with Bathtub

Standard Tank


(click to view in 3D)

Standard Tank

Battering Ram with Skull Scare and Doom Treads


Flamethrower with Knight Time and Heavy Duty


Chain Lighting with Abductor